British Man Is Laughing All The Way To The Bank, And You'll Never Guess Why

By Danielle Kirsten, Daily24

Martin Wilkins, of Manchester, was working at his job last month, and it was just like every other day, until in one single day he had made more money than he ever had in his entire life.

"The last 9 months have not been easy. I've been stocking shelves at a local supermarket, working night shifts at a gas station, and now I've embarrassingly been flipping burgers at McDonalds, "

While Martin was browsing through his Facebook during break, he saw an advert from one of a bloke who has consistently won over $1,875,495 USD from Online Slot Jackpots (that's about ~ £1,541,460 GBP! )

The website that this incredible winner had put up was showcasing his extremely lucrative loopholes was a website called "Slot Smasher - Ways to Beat Internet Casinos" and it was explaining his exact methods to winning Jackpots on Online Casino Slot Machines 85% of the time!

Since Martin was on his 10 minute break from work, he didn't have enough time to watch the video, so he immediately saved the website on his bookmarks and was counting the hours until he was off work. Little did he know, in just a few hours from now, his life was about to change, forever.

As soon as Martin was off work, he rushed to his car and opened up the website. The video he watched got him really eager to learn the secret 'loopholes' that some of the major online casinos have that can literally cause you to have amazing odds against the casinos and win extremely large jackpots.

After watching through the video Martin was extremely confident he had what it took to win. He explained to us, "The process was very simple. The bloke in the video recommended two online casinos that had made him over £400,000 quid each, so naturally I thought this was exactly what I'm going to do. I created my account at both of the casinos & saw that they even offer a 200% deposit bonus! So I reckoned if I deposit £100 I'll get £300 to play with. And that's exactly what I did!"

After shortly learning all the tactics he jumped in and started betting on the jackpot that was around £285,538.00 and was growing rapidly. He started playing at by around the 20th spin, he had won the entire £285,538.00!

Naturally, his career at McDonald's had ended. He shared a screenshot he had sent to his girlfriend immediately after winning.

"At first I couldn't believe it at all. I thought there had to be some sort of a catch. Only did I realize that when I pressed the "cash-out" button and the amount £254,712.56 appeared and asked which payout method I wanted to cash-out with. I chose Paypal, entered my Paypal email and clicked Cashout, and there it was almost 2 minutes later £254,712.56 in my Paypal Account. "

After throwing his work uniform off, he went back inside the restaurant & screamed “I quit!” to the managers and stormed out of the building, never to return.

However, Martin is not the only one at that visited Slot Smashers who won a large sum in the jackpots. Since the video system has gone online at least 1,000 other Brits have won in total of £13.3 million. Amazing isn't it?

Our Daily24 Reporter Jane Robertson decided to give it a go. She entered the jackpot is currently using the strategies contained in the video, although she hasn't been quite as Martin, she is still ecstatic over a small £2,550 jackpot win she has recently won.

Important: This video system can be taken down at ANY time... It's recommended you get signed up immediately at www.slotsmasher.com/

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